What a lovely pear…


Henry is now almost 6 months old. He’s a little star, much the same as Freddie was at the same age. He’s such a happy contented little thing. Always quick to drop a smile…it melts me every time I get in from work and see him! He’s a bloody good sleeper too and has been since 7 weeks (Freddie also did that…until he hit 3 years but that’s an entirely separate post!). So all in all…we are truly blessed.

Around this time…things start to get exciting. Your baby is a lot stronger and starts sitting on his / her own without falling over (usually face first!), they start experimenting with rolling over (the first step to crawling…aka time to get eyes in the back of your head!) and start to really interact in their own little way. It’s also time to think about ‘WEANING’!!!

Now, I know this is an exciting progression for us parents…but imagine how exciting it is for the little ones. All they have had for 5 months is milk!!

There are a few theories as to how you go about weaning.  ‘Baby led’ weaning, which is essentially putting loads of stuff (no crap, but sensible healthy stuff of course!) in front of them and let them go at it…a way of experimenting for them. The other one is the ‘puree’ structure meal route. Some say baby led weaning makes them fussy as they get older. We’ve got friends who have done it and they’ve done ok.

With Freddie, we pureed all the way…and he loved it! It also meant as a control freak (yup, that’s me!) and a self-confessed foodie (me as well!), I got to introduce lots of flavours slowly. This has meant we have a 3 year old who has an amazingly varied palate. He loves pretty much everything and is a joy to take out to restaurants.

Freddie having baby rice!


Now…back to Henry.

On Sunday, we came back to familiar territory. Three pans on the go…one with pear, one with apple and one with carrots. Boil them, puree them, put them in little ice trays and freeze them. We used to call these days…‘cook offs’!

Then, it’s to the first tasting for the wee man. We started him with some baby rice (which is god awful to be honest!) for a couple of days, before we moved onto ‘fruit’ territory!

OK…now this bit it important. It’s my first major bit of advice for weaning.

Get a video camera ready before feeding…!

When your baby gets that first taste of fruit, the judder is brilliant. It starts at the head and works its way down to the feet. It really is one of the most comical things ever! Imagine eating a whole lemon and what sensation that would cause…multiply it by 50 and you’ll be somewhere near!

Today our fruit of choice was pear. He’s on day two now…but still the judder is there, and it’s a joy!


You also notice them tending to sleep a little better (sometimes). This tells me that the milk diet was a) a tad boring and b) not really filling the hole! He certainly seems happy with his new diet.

And finally…and this is one that you should probably mentally prepare yourself for. The Exit!

I’d totally forgotten about the ‘what goes in, must come out’ part. You kinda get used to the stinky baby nappies…and to be honest, they’re never really that bad. That is…until they start on solids!

JESUS WEPT…they really do change in scent. They are as pungent as a grown up version! It makes your eyes water. I think I must have blanked this part out from Freddie’s past.

Either that or Henry is a real stinker!


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