Who said this was easy?!!

It’s been a while since my last post. Sorry blogworld…I didn’t realize how much time I wouldn’t have when 3 became 4! I also apologise that this may be 1) a little long and 2) a little grumpy! Parents of newborns will understand & sympathise!


The boys


So, where to start? Well, Henry James is 6 weeks old now…and doing great. I did however forget how bloody hard it is having a newborn. Let alone how hard it is when you have a toddler (almost 3 years) along for the ride! I’m sure I recall people saying that you should have your kids fairly close together as it’s easier. Easier for who? There is nothing easy about it! I also forgot how much stuff someone so small requires. Our house is once again like a showroom for Mothercare!

The first few weeks haven’t been without their challenges mind. Let me highlight a few:

Henry born
Mum & Dad encounter sleep depravation
Freddie gets chicken pox
Christmas chaos
Freddie gets jealous
Henry gets reflux
Mum gets MRSA
Freddie gets urine infection
Henry gets thrush in mouth
Dad needs a rest!

As a result of the above, we are now on first name terms with the local GP and pharmacist! We also know where all the late night / 24hr chemists are. They have been an essential part of our first few weeks…and I would highly recommend working out where they are if you have a new edition incoming! But…as any parent will agree, all of the tough / bad / tired / grumpy times are massively outweighed by that one moment of amazingness displayed by the little ‘uns.

Freddie has been for the most part…brilliant. He has totally embraced being a ‘big brother’. He’s regularly requested cuddles and has even composed a song that he sings to baby Henry. The other week, he came into the nursery as Henry was having his bedtime feed. As he marched in proudly clutching ‘Flopsy Bunny’, he proceeded to attach Flopsy to his nipple and say ‘I give Flopsy some milk Mummy’. He continued the job and when Flopsy had finished, put him on his shoulder for some windypops! At that moment, we realized he is at the ‘copy everything’ stage!


contented baby


We are now into the ‘getting a routine’ stage with Henry…thanks to my wife’s obsession with Gina Ford. Gina’s ‘Contented Baby’ routines worked like a dream with Freddie. However, I’m not sure Henry is quite down with it yet! If you’re not familiar with Gina Ford’s ‘Contented Baby’, it gives you a detailed routine to follow day by day, which changes throughout the weeks. You follow the so-called ‘simple’ directions, such as ‘wake baby at 9.45pm and be feeding at 10pm. Then, make sure he’s fully awake and kicking around. After a good amount of awake time, do the rest of the feed, with baby asleep no later than 11pm. Sounds easy right? NO!!!!

You ever tried getting a baby from being ‘asleep’ to ‘wide awake’ if they don’t want to?? It’s tough. In fact…it’s tougher than tough! Even opening his eyelids doesn’t work!!!!

Some would say, why bother…just leave him asleep? I would say NO, that doesn’t work either, as that would mean a sleeping baby all day, party baby at night. As my mother-in-law quite rightly says (quite often at the minute!), ‘this too shall pass’.

So, for now this is us. A battle of wills, between Henry, aged 6 weeks and Gina Ford’s tried & tested routine. Its only a matter of time before Henry gets it…isn’t it?



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I'm an imaginary millionaire, a real life dad of 2 amazing kids and 1 amazing wife. I own a media business too...oh, and i'm addicted to golf!
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One Response to Who said this was easy?!!

  1. karlizzy says:

    it’s a hard time, I remember it well and that after many, many years. My only advice is take it a day at a time, be there for each other and be understanding – even if you don’t! Babies are hard work. Everyone told me that having a second would make no difference to our family but boy did he make a difference!

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