Here we go again!

photo-2 2Today, my amazing wife once again made me so proud. She’s spent 39 weeks growing our new baby…and this morning we welcomed our beautiful chunky little boy to the world.

Hello Henry James!

It’s funny…it kinda crept up on us this time. Doesn’t seem like five minutes ago that we were having our 12 week scan.  Last time round we counted down every week, relaxed thoroughly & took our job of  ‘growing’ the bambino very seriously. For this one, we didn’t have the time to be so thorough. Suppose that’s the joy of pregnancy with a 2 1/2 year old…

Well, now he is here…I’m totally smitten. Nothing quite prepares you for how you feel when your child is born. It’s so bloody emotional…even for the Dads!  I’ll be honest, this time I was really worried about the arrival of our newborn. I love Freddie so much I was worried I might not have enough love left for another. I needn’t have worried so much…it appears I have plenty for two!
All that’s left is to introduce him to Freddie. He has seemed quite excited by it all. He knows his brother is coming, he was also the one who chose the name! However, I’m not sure if his excitement is largely driven by the number of new toys turning up in the nursery. So much so, he has been sneakily moving them into his own room!

So…please be upstanding…and shout ‘hurrah’ for December 10th. You are officially ace. You have given us the best Christmas Present ever.


About kp75

I'm an imaginary millionaire, a real life dad of 2 amazing kids and 1 amazing wife. I own a media business too...oh, and i'm addicted to golf!
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