Santa Watch!


Its that time of year when parents all around the world use the fella in the big red suit to bribe the kids into behaving!
This is the first year Freddie has really understood Santa, and the first year we’ve been able to use such bribes. Our main use has been to help Freddie ‘go to bed’…and stay there!
Its funny, Freddie has always been a brilliant little sleeper. He’s always gone to bed without any fuss (most of the time!), gone straight to sleep and has stayed there kicking out zzzz’s until the morning. Man, we were so lucky.
That was until about three weeks ago. His timing is impeccable. We have our new bundle of joy arriving next week! The one time we really need him to be a brilliant sleeper…no fuss etc, he decides that he does’t want to play that game. We are experiencing tears at bedtime and the game of ‘I need a wee’…both of which can go on for an hour. Then, usually around 11pm we have another hour or two of him being awake which often results in paper, scissors, stone to decide who’s turn it is!
Maybe this is actually him helping us out. His own unique way of preparing us for that feeling of constant jet lag that comes with a new-born!
Enter ‘Santa watch’.
I’m sure all parents (and you all do it…don’t you?) have their own unique techniques. Ours is a cunning use of the alarm sensors! Yup, my wife & I look at them, we wave at them, we greet them with ‘Morning Santa’ and even enter into full blown (one way) conversations with them. Freddie has totally bought into it, and is now also chatting to them. He’s even taking to talking to other alarm sensors…he said ‘Hello Santa’ when we were in the doctors the other day upon seeing the little red sensor glow in the corner! Sometimes, I do hear myself repeating the same things my own parents used to say – ‘Yes Santa, I’ve told him he needs to get back into bed with no fuss’ and ‘Freddie isn’t going to sleep Santa so maybe you shouldn’t stop here’. Its actually pretty bloody evil when you think about it!
Currently, the success ratio is 50%…I really hope this improves over the next few days or we’re really going to be in trouble! Maybe we need a more severe threat…?!!

About kp75

I'm an imaginary millionaire, a real life dad of 2 amazing kids and 1 amazing wife. I own a media business too...oh, and i'm addicted to golf!
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