We’re going to Poo Land!

Freddie is two years and eight months now. For the past few months numerous people have muttered those words ‘he should be out of nappies by now’, but we stuck to our guns, and held out knowing that when he was ready to ditch the nappies, he’d tell us.

Now, that time has arrived!!

It’s the dream of every parent, no more nappy dramas to contend with. No more explosions. No more poop on your fingers. No more exploding bags…here we come big boy pants.

So, with our three potty’s carefully placed around the house and Primark’s entire stock of ‘age 3-4’ big boy pants (always go a size bigger for easy pull downs!)…off we went!

Day one was ok. A couple of little accidents, but for the first attempt a tremendous effort. Day two not so great. He was in nursery and we think he had a bit of stage fright! By day three, he’d nailed it! It was amazing. Every time he got the sign down below, we’d hear a ‘Daddy…I need a wee wee’, and off he went to his potty. Much applause followed, from us…and Freddie too. He’s bloody done it!

It was also when we got to the end of day three that we realized we might have a poo problem. Yup, he was happy to go and wee…but he didn’t want to let go of the number two’s!

Turns out he’s not alone. The clever scientists think its something to do with them thinking they are losing part of themselves, and can’t quite get their head around it. It was all going so well…

Enter ‘Poo Goes Home To  Pooland’!

This was recommended to us on a message board. Basically, it’s a story of a poo, who wants to go home to mummy & daddy poo, back in poo land! Sometimes, he’s a little shy and goes back inside, but if we let him go he’s a very happy little poo. It’s a little strange, but after reading it to him several times both on and off the potty…it worked! We did have some odd looks from nursery when we presented it to them to read too, but Hurrah for Poo Goes Home To Pooland.

Seriously…if you’re potty training your little boy, little girl, husband or even wife, check this book out!

Now, Freddie happily goes for his number two’s. Proud as punch he gets off the toilet shouting ‘I did a poo Daddy’, and waves bye bye as it shoots off down the u-bend and off to Pooland. My only slight concern is that he grows out of this little ritual…not sure it will go down so well aged 16!


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I'm an imaginary millionaire, a real life dad of 2 amazing kids and 1 amazing wife. I own a media business too...oh, and i'm addicted to golf!
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