Hello baby

Freddie has a brother coming into the world in three weeks. You never really know what he’s thinking about this rather strange concept…’yes, your baby brother is in Mummy’s tummy’. Say it like that, it does sound kind of odd.

However, he does seem to be taking some of it in. Everyday, he kisses the bump and says ‘hello’ (too cute!). For the last few weeks, we’ve been asking him what we should call the baby when he arrives. Freddie’s response has been simply ‘brother’. You can’t really argue with his way of thinking.

He’s now offered a toy for his baby brother for Christmas. Well, he’s decided he would like a new ‘Jupiter’ (Fireman Sam’s fire engine) from Santa. When we asked him why as he already had one…he said he wanted to give his to his brother!

This is very sweet in one way, and very smart in another. Already he is trading in his used items for new ones!


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I'm an imaginary millionaire, a real life dad of 2 amazing kids and 1 amazing wife. I own a media business too...oh, and i'm addicted to golf!
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